Last year at this time I was in the UK doing my wood badge training. it was a beautiful time and I wish I would have spent more time there but couldn’t. It was my first time spending 6 days camping without family.

The course title was N5-802-19

Campsite at Gilwell
Campsite at Gilwell

Met amazing friends and being part of the Trans Atlantic Council exposed me to a lot new and people from all over the world.

Also, Gilwell Park holds an important place in Scouting. this is where the initial leadership training was held in the UK.

We had an amazing cricket match. I was part of the Buffalo Patrol. Buffalo will always be Majestic.

Gilwell Mosque Sign outside

we prayed at the Gilwell Mosque everyday.

My son and three other scouts from our unit attended the NYLT.

I walked around the park and there are alot of things to see and experience.

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